The Encrypted Information Society

The last century was determined by machine power, free speech, and democratic politics, but new technologies and emerging social realities paint our future darkly. The future of business, politics, culture, and war will be determined by information security technologies. Ours is The Encrypted Information Society, argues Quinn DuPont, where an innovative business sector, a few key breakthrough technologies, and complex social changes have rewritten history. Until now, we scarcely understood where these changes came from or who was responsible for them.

This book questions accepted conventions: that the Internet is good, free, and open, or ever was; that privacy and the ills of online communication will be fixed by technology alone; and that private companies, technologists, and computer scientists should be in charge of our digital future. It also explores ideas unique to The Encrypted Information Society: the emergence of decentralized autonomous organizations, self-sovereign identities, quantum communication, and encryption capitalism. It concludes with a daring plan for a radically democratic, fair, and flourishing digital future.

Readers of The Encrypted Information Society will learn about the rich history of encryption, new media and new organizations, and emerging technologies that are reshaping business, culture, and society.