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Does WhatsApp have a place in Irish hospitals?

"In University Hospital Limerick, 97% of physicians transfer and receive sensitive patient information regularly through WhatsApp"

From Innovation to Destruction: How much cybersecurity is enough?

"Are countries and companies adequately prepared for cyberattacks?"

Bitcoin: it’s political!

"Bitcoin may be political either by way of design or inherently due to practical necessity"

Hybrid wars in the Middle East – Israel responds in “real-time” to Hamas

"Airstrikes by the IDF destroyed the building from where the cyberattacks against Israel supposedly originated from"

A Criticism of the Five Eyes' Statement of Principles

"FVEY's Statement of Principles is impossible to take seriously"

The Effortless Stratagem of Trust and Power Relations: An analysis of the trust-power dynamic through Mt. Gox

"The demise of Mt. Gox and the ensuing events had determinantal effects on social and human trust"

Every Vote Counts

"Voting behaviour is not communicated in a transparent way to the public"

Ireland’s latest cybersecurity strategy is expected later this year: This time, it’s too important to get wrong

"Only 50% of medium to large businesses in Ireland are actively building defensive measures against cyber-attacks"

Falsified Medicines Directive leads the EU Commission to data backdoor

"The EU Commission should also allow for regular external audits, including security pentesting"

Should tech companies hire convicted cyber hackers?

"I believe tech companies should hire convicted hackers, but with guidelines to reduce risk"

Can an untrusting environment create a more secure environment?

"The current crisis presents the opportunity to explore new ways of regaining faith with alternative approaches"

Who Wins? On the Return of The Crypto War

"Computer experts have asserted that there is no way to build an encryption system that allows such “exceptional access”"

The challenges of implementing IoT into blockchain exceed the current benefits

"Executing transactions with the Ethereum blockchain incurs transaction costs that can be up to 300 times higher"